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  • Europe to go to Mars? - May, 2011 - The ExoMars Project has been in work for a long time, but it seems that it keeps getting pushed back. Over 100 million Euros have already been spent on the project, and...

  • Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011 - On Friday, 11 March 2011, Japan experienced one of the only five 9.0+ magnitude earthquakes that have occurred over the last 150 years. The earthquake was of a type called a mega thrust earthquake. Mega-thrust earthquakes can produce massive tsunamis which this one did. The tsunami then swept into an area with 5 nuclear power plants severely damaging 3 of them..

  • Scientists Discover Gay Caveman – huh? - This is at least what NPR, Huffington Post, Fox News, ABC News, USA Today, Time, Globe and Mail etc. all reported this past week. But is it true. Well of course not. As with many things it is not just that basic of a thing. Caveman is a common iconography of prehistoric man, but not at all a scientific concept. Let’s avoid the gay conversation but to say a prehistoric men recognized gay as a sexual orientation or could have been aware of the concept is quite a stretch.

  • New Particle Discovered - A possible new particle has been discovered at the Tevatron Particle Collider in Illinois. A new particle would mean a new force of nature that we haven’t discovered yet. Most are familiar with the ‘magnetic force’ (though really it is electromagnetism which is responsible for magnets, light, electricity, radio waves and all kinds of different things we experience in everyday life). The three known others are the weak nuclear force or interaction, the strong interaction and gravity.

  • 50 Years of Humans in Space - It was 50 years ago Tuesday Yuri Gargarin left the Earth’s atmosphere and became the first man to float in space. He orbited the Earth once and then came back down and landed on Earth just 108 minutes later on April 12, 1961. Another life that shouldn’t be forgotten is that of Albert II. A monkey that was launched into space on June 14, 1949. Albert survived the launch and re-entry into the atmosphere but died when his parachute failed. Many more animals were to follow that success/failure.

  • What is Radiation? - Since the nuclear disaster in Japan a lot of people have been quite concerned about, ‘all this radiation’. Few though have really thought about what radiation is. If they did they would probably realize that they should be thinking more about ‘all the radiation’ that we are all surrounded by every day. Radiation is particles or energy that radiate out. Light, microwaves, radio waves, x-rays are the more common forms of radiation we are familiar with. Though even the soil we garden in gives off radiation.