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Solar System Poster


This poster of the Solar System has high quality satellite images of the Sun: 8 planets, two comets and two asteroids. Included are all known major moons. (Dwarf Planets are artist renditions as no satellite imagery exists for them yet.) The center row of planets are all scaled to the Sun.

Designer Notes: This solar system poster was the first commercial poster I made. In my grade 6 science classes I had the students make basically this same poster every year for their end of the year class project. When the school cut the science classes from 3 a week to 2, I needed to come up with something to enable the students to still be able to make the poster. So I put this poster together over a few months so the students could basically use it as a template for their own group posters. As well the science text book my school uses is not the most up-to-date. I used to bring in loads of other pictures I got off the internet to help the kids figure out how to draw the rings of Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune for their solar system poster. The science text book lacked any information on the Kuiper Belt as well, so I had to add that too. I also felt it was important to show the scale of the planets to each other, but also to the Sun. The first time I showed the poster to a group of students I was quite surprised at their reaction to the size of the Sun compared to the Earth. I guess they had always known the Sun was much bigger but just seeing it displayed like that gave them a whole new perception of it. At first I had the school attach the poster up on a wall. The kids asked me to move it down though so they could look at it better. We found a good place for it under my whiteboard. Since it is laminated I didn't need to worry about the kids destroying it either. I still have the very first one I printed under my white board. Even after years of looking at the same solar system poster I still can find students sitting down on the floor looking over at it on break times. (It was this fact that encouraged me to finally make the topographic world map.) The students in my class still really enjoy staring at the solar system poster and I hope you will too.


Highslide JS
A complete solar system poster. 8 planets, 5 NEW dwarf planets, asteroids, comets, moons and one satellite.
Large pictures with their major moons and basic information.
Two example asteroids with their orbits plotted.
Special images of Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune with their rarely seen rings.
Images of all the NEW dwarf planets.
We also carry a Traditional Chinese version.
Poster Details:
Poster comes in 2 sizes
Large 80cm x 228cm / 32in x 90in
Small 40cm x 114cm / 16in x 45in
Posters are printed on high quality "Photo-Matt PP" paper and laminated on both sides. They can be washed with a wet rag and detergent and are near tear proof.
Discounts available for schools, teachers and museums on orders of 5 or more. We can also print custom sizes. Email us on Contact page for more details.

Solar System Poster Image Details

All images came from NASA but most were worked on a bit by us here.


Image of Sun PosterSun:Image was created in 2000 by the SOHO satellite. We here at compiled 3 different images of the Sun from the same time period to create this image so that it caputred all of the features found on the Sun.






Image of Mercury PosterMercury: Created January 14, 2008, at about 3:34pm (Eastern Standard Time). This image is the first time humans got to see the side that the Mariner 10 satellite was not able to capture in 1974 and 1975.




Image of our Venus PosterVenus: Created by the Magellan spacecraft between September 1990 and May 1991, using radar information that could see through the extremely dense atmosphere. Colors are based on color images recorded by the Soviet Venera 13 and 14 spacecraft. We here at worked on this image a bit to fill in the very small gabs in the image data.




Image of our Earth PosterEarth: The GOES satellite took the land and cloud images on September 9, 1997. Then SeaWiFs satellite took the ocean color images between September 9-19, 1997. Finally the POES satellite took the vegetation color images between September and early October 1997.




Image of our Mars posterMars: Created on February 22, 1980 by the Viking 1 Orbiter. The image is centered on the 3000 km long and up to 8 km deep Valles Marineris canyon. On the left can be seen the three Tharsis volcanoes.




Image of Jupiter posterJupiter: Created between February 17-21, 2007, by the Hubble space telescope. In this photo the famous Great Red Spot and aurora at both poles of Jupiter. In addition this photo has a computer generated image of the rings of Jupiter by Created using information from the Voyager satellite missions that actually discovered the rings in 1979. Data from the Cassini satellite flyby were also used to create the image of the rings.


Image of our Saturn posterSaturn: Created in October 1999 by the Hubble Space Telescope. We here at worked on this image a bit to fill in the shadowed parts of the rings.






Image of Uranus posterUranus: Was created on January 17, 1986 by the Voyager II spacecraft. The rings in this image were computer generated using information from Voyager II and the Hubble Space Telescope.




Image of Neptune posterNeptune: 1) The larger image was created by the Voyager 2 satellite on September 21, 1989. At the time that image was taken a dark spot was seen was seen on its surface similar to the Great Red Spot on Jupiter. The rings were created by us at
2) The smaller image is the full computer generated image we made with the complete set of Neptune's rings that were discovered by the Voyager 2 satellite. 


Image of Dwarf planet posterAll images except Pluto and Ceres are artist renditions based on the best information available.

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