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Satellite World Map

Designers Note: To make this image I started off with three different images. All of the first three, I downloaded from NASA's Visible Earth project. This is the first image NASA Earth BathymetryI started with. Its the BMNG raw data file for July. You can download it from here. I used the 1.4GB file you can find at the end of that list. I also like to be able to point out to students in class where the ice packs are. Most notable is the northern ice cap. Any discussion about global warming and I talk about the Northwest Passage. Its fun to talmmmk to students about those old explorers like Roald Amundsen. The picture of the ice cap I use was taken in 2004. I can show the students that since the summer of 2009 the ice you see in this Earth Gobal Mosaicimage has shrunk enough now that it is feasible to use the Northwest Passage in the summer. This image is also from Visible Earth and you can download it here. As well I needed to use the black and white raw bathymetry from here. For some reason in the July image I use a large chuck of the bathymetry data just above Antarctica is missing. So I grabbed the missing data from the black and white bathymetry data, colored it to match, then filled in the missing part of the image. It is labeled with up to date countries, capital cities, major cities, oceans, lakes, seas, gulfs, places of interest, Equator, Arctic Circle, Antarctic Circle, and the Tropic of Capricorn.  As well as features like mountains, plains, deserts, lowest ocean depths, and the highest and lowest points of each continent. As well as some extra places of special interest like Siberian Traps or Chicxulub Crater and many others.

  Poster Details:
*Poster comes in 1 size - 97cm x 159cm / 38in x 63in.
*Posters are printed on high quality "Photo-Matt PP" paper and laminated on both sides. They can be washed with a wet rag and detergent and are near tear-proof.
*Discounts available for schools, teachers, museums and orders of 5 or more. We can also print custom sizes. Email us on Contact page for more details.
A large satellite map of the Earth. Excellent details are visible.
World's coastlines are clearly defined.
Highest and lowest points are labeled for each continent.
Forested areas can be clearly seen.
Ocean topography and all the world's major fault lines are visible.
All the world's great deserts and mountain ranges are all clearly labeled.
Flags are displayed at the bottom with their names and their demon.
We also carry a Traditional Chinese version with the English and Chinese country names.

Important Features on the Satellite Map

The poster has on it more than just cities and such. We covered many topics that might be covered in science class. eg. labeled plate boundaries, points of geographical interest...etc...

Image of Japan EarthquakeEARTHQUAKES - All major earthquakes over 9.0 of the last 100 years are marked. The epicenter and where the plate slipped is labeled. READ MORE

Image of India Deccan TrapsDECCAN TRAPS READ MORE
Image of Chicxulub Crater

CHICXULUB CRATER – This crater is what is left of the asteroid that most likely wiped out the dinosaurs. READ MORE

Image of Mid-Atlantic RidgeTrenches and Ridges- You can see plate boundaries.


Image of Lake Ladoga and Lake OnegaLAKES - All the world’s major lakes are labeled on the map. Over 40 lakes on every continent. Image of  Mt. EverestHIGHEST ELEVATION OF EVERY CONTINETNT
Image of Takla Makan Desert

DESERTS – All the worlds major deserts are labeled that are visible from space.

Image of Andes Mountain RangeMOUNTAIN RANGES – All the great mountain ranges of the world are visible and labeled.
Image of Laguna del CarbonLOWEST ELEVATION OF EVERY CONTINETNT Image of Siberian Traps

SIBERIAN TRAPS - The Siberian Traps are perhaps behind the Earth’s first and largest extinction.

Image of Christopher Columbus's Route

CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS’S ROUTE – The route taken by Christopher Columbus in 1492 that lead to the European discovery of North America.

We put together this video to show you just how tough our posters can be!


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